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Sgioba Luaidh at Auchindrain

During the covid emergency all our engagements, sadly, had to be cancelled, and Auchindrain, of course, was closed. As conditions improve, we hope to be able to resume our visits. Provisionally, we have agreed on the following dates:

28 August, 25 September 2021.

Please check with this page or our Calendar page in case of any alterations.

Auchindrain Township is a unique attraction six miles south of Inveraray on the A83 Lochgilphead /Campbeltown road. It holds a special place in the affections of Sgioba Luaidh as it is such a perfect venue for doing what we do. It's a magical spot where we feel a very powerful connection with the past as we sing our Gaelic songs, reawakening the echoes of ancient voices.

Auchindrain - Bail' Ach' an Droighinn, the Thorn Field Township - is an ancient farming township, the name being first recorded in the 1470s. It is unique in that it developed as an organic whole, farmed and lived in from antiquity right up till mid-twentieth century.

Some of the houses and outbuildings have been restored and furnished to depict life in the nineteenth century. We feel privileged to be able to bring the place alive.

Click here to see us in action in the atmospheric setting of Martin's House at Auchindrain.

Below are a few more memories of Sgioba Luaidh's visits to Auchindrain. Clicking on a picture will bring up a larger version.

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